XLerate’s factoring services have been a game-changer for EST Freight Co. Their quick and reliable funding has significantly improved our cash flow management, allowing us to focus on growth and expansion. The support and personalized attention from XLerate have made them an invaluable partner in our success as a carrier.


XLerate’s team possesses a wealth of knowledge in the transportation industry, making it an invaluable asset when it comes to money factoring for trucking companies. (…) Despite being a two-truck operation, they always treat me as if I had 100 trucks. They go above and beyond to ensure that my company receives the same level … Read more


Having navigated the challenges of cash flow management as a small business owner, I am profoundly grateful for the invaluable support and service provided by XLerate Financial. (…) They guided me through the factoring process seamlessly, ensuring that I could easily submit invoices and access the necessary funding in a timely manner. (…) Thanks to … Read more


As a carrier in trucking business, we have experienced different factoring companies, but so far XLerate is one of the best we experienced: fast, professional, reliable and always answering clients questions, calls and messages, which is so important for us!


I have been working with these guys for years now! With lots of hard work and timely communication, they made sure they delivered the best to me. Highly recommended!

James K.

Great customer service. Always on time, and always do what they say. I would highly recommend using XLerate.