Behind every successful business is a great team of partners working towards a common goal.

At our company, we leverage our extensive experience in the industry to carefully select the right partners that can help our clients grow their businesses. We work with top-tier partners who specialize in providing essential services such as insurance, transportation management systems (TMS), electronic logging devices (ELD), and dispatching services.

Our partners have a deep understanding of the trucking industry and possess the necessary expertise to ensure that our clients receive the best possible support. We have carefully chosen them based on their track record of delivering outstanding results and their commitment to providing exceptional customer service.


AmeriPol was created to assist with the staffing challenges as a result of the global pandemic. As companies struggle to find staff, AmeriPol has created an opportunity to outsource positions, with educated, highly-qualified candidates, at a much lower overall cost.

Cline Wood is proud to be a local insurance agency that serves commercial agribusiness and trucking industries nationwide.

Ditat helps logistics companies easily manage their business with cost-effective, user-friendly software that improves accountability and performance – while saving time & increasing revenue.

GHC is a supply chain services company committed to continuously challenge the status quo, in order to identify and engineer creative, honest solutions that deliver true quantifiable value to all participants in every transaction.

TAB is more than just a third-party Supply Chain Management company. They have the logistics experience and network needed to not only save your company money, but also decrease delivery times, improve customer service, and create logistic efficiencies.

Load Partner is a full-service independent dispatch agent for Motor Carriers. We provide our Carriers with the ability to keep moving and making money, while also educating them on best practices to build their brand in the US Trucking sector. Through our management team’s 35 years of combined experience in transportation, we provide unique and diverse advice to our carriers on their path to becoming successful Trucking Company Owners.

At XLerate Financial, we take great pride in our partnerships, and we are confident that they can help our clients achieve their business objectives. With our trusted partners, we are dedicated to providing reliable and effective solutions that meet the unique needs of the trucking industry.